Czech-Slovak-Iranian Chamber of Commerce – Introductory Information

Czech-Slovak-Iranian Chamber of Commerce (hereafter the Chamber) is located in Prague and was founded in the summer 2015 on the basis of the relevant paragraphs of the Civil Code by a group of major enterpreneurs. Its central purpose is to develop trade relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic by supporting the import and export of commodities and services and by providing multifaceted support services to enterpreneurs.

An important function of the Chamber is to contribute to the establishment of relations and development of close cooperation with the Iranian, Czech and Slovak state authorities, the networks of chambers of commerce, associations and groups of enterprises as well as with all interested public and private bodies. It aims to achieve these purposes through the realisation of common projects and initiatives, compiling analyses and distributing economic data and information useful for the deepening of cooperation between enterprenerial subjects and for the development of trade opportunities.

To support the realisation of these aims the Chamber will organise exchanges of information and knowledge concerning the markets in these three countries, and will distribute specialised databases, organise conferences and seminars. The Chamber will also use advertising in the mass media.

Given the complicated issues that are likely to arise, particularly because of the gradual termination of the sanctions that the international community had imposed on the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Chamber will be ready to provide help and relevant assistance. In the process of opening this significant market in the region we shall provide help to enterprenerial subjects in these three countries both with providing initial orientation in the respective markets and with realising the opportunities for international cooperation of interested enterprenerial subjects. The Chamber will also provide basic support for trade missions.

Furthermore, the Chamber will systematically gather information concerning relevant laws and legal regulations, traditions and established practices in the economic, financial, tax and customs areas in the aforementioned countries particularly, and then make it available especially to the members of the Chamber.


V. Filip a Mohammad Rezá Ne' matzáde, íránský ministr průmyslu, nerostného bohatství a obchodu


Zakládající členové CSIOK a velvyslanec Islámské Republiky Irán Ali Akbar Jowkar před kanceláří komory


V. Filip s předsedou íránského parlamentu Ali Laridžáním